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March 22
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re:VOLUTION|Genta by waterbits re:VOLUTION|Genta by waterbits

There looks butiful. :iconkumashake2plz: Finally looks his own age. Best view full view

[Genta Miyamoto][ 源太宮本]





Birthdate & Star Sign:
    [June 13th][Gemini]

    [Kyuujuuminku ][旧住民区]

Education / Job

    [Graduated College] >> 4 years ago
    [Programmer] >> current
    >>Works with coils & computer
    >>Blogs when bored
    >>Modifies websites/fixes bugs etc


Debug Field

Tag Tattoo Location:
[Chest area/Pecs]


    [Quinn][ クイン]

    [Ring-tailed Lemur]


    [Informative || Loyal || Protective || Serious || Honest /Sassy]

    [Wears 2 golden rings around his neck and a belt that is loosely hanging off his shoulder]

    [Fur: Dark Brown & white]

    [Eyes: Pink]


    [Kind||Broad-Minded||Resourceful ||Distant||Blunt||Reserved||Sly||Overprotective]

    Kind | Even though sometimes he can say things without thinking, and sometimes it can sound mean, but he does tend to help out people in need.

    Broad-Minded | Doesn’t get easily offended, if someone wants to talk to him he listens to them and their opinion. Basically, pretty tolerant.

    Resourceful | Makes the most of what is available.

    Blunt | basically straightforward, likes to get straight to the point rather than bending his way around it.

    Reserved | Even though he can be a happy-go-lucky guy, he doesn’t open up to people that easily, tends to keep himself locked up rather than open up.

    Sly| Can lie his ways out of a situation without even looking like it was a lie. If he needs to do so, he can find information about someone to basically blackmail them.

    Overprotective | Anyone close to him gets hurt, he will chase them down, and beat the crap out of them.


Genta was born in Kyuujuuminku district, his parents were pretty strict whenever Genta had annoyed them or disobeyed their rules in the house. Such as all kids, not wanting to do chores, he was forced into doing them. Of course over time that paid off and he isn’t that messy anymore, but otherwise his parents weren’t that bad when he was a kid. Of course people change over time…


During his school years Genta was pretty quiet, at his computer all day and night, learning more and more about Allmates, to the point that he actually wanted one himself. The only thing is his parents didn’t like the idea of having an Allmate, they told him that he can get one with his own money if he wishes, but of course, those guys are very expensive to get. The only thing to do was get a part-time job while at school. The part-time job that he ended up getting was being a pizza delivery boy, driving around with a scooter back and forth to peoples places who wished to get food. The job wasn’t that easy as it sounds, multiple times he has gotten lost and then had gotten complaints over it, but overtime he improved.


Genta got into college at the age of 18, of course he also kept the job as a delivery boy, he had sleeping troubles during those times, working, college and hanging out with people whenever possible was such a pain. During that year his mother gave birth to a baby girl named Melody, things were fine then.


At the age of 20, Genta got his first Allmate, with the money he had saved up, actually he managed to get Quinn for a cheaper price, it really did make him happy to have someone that can help him out, and something that he can tinker with, as to test memory chips, etc. Yeah that was awesome..


The following year Genta’s mother did not come back from work, even though there aren’t that many cars in this island, she got hit by a speeding one, making her hospitalized, for a few months, during those few months things didn’t improve for her, and they had to pull the plug. Genta’s father took the turn for the worst, he started drinking, and didn’t stop, lost his job and started to become violent due to the fact that stress was getting into his head. Of course the only option Genta had was take his little sister and get out of that place, where he moved out was to his grandparents place, it was a good decision but his father did not really approve of this.

Time-to-time he did try to visit and get his daughter back, even though Genta of course didn’t let it happen. It still happens at least once or twice a week.

All this had caused his father to move to the Hosoo district, all this commotion made Genta loose some contacts from college, but it didn’t bother him too much..


But right now, Genta is working as a programmer, helps his little sister with school work and his grandparents with any though jobs that they assign him to. Things are going good.

Genta got introduced to Ryme when he was 22 by one of his old college friends, of course Genta had troubles at the start, had no idea how to play the game, ended up constantly loosing with the game or falling off the hoverboard in the middle of it. But as time passed he gradually got used to the game and took it slightly seriously for a good 3 years, now because of work he plays when ever he has the free time to do so.


    QUINN >> Genta's allmate, helps with small chores whenever possible. Trust each other like brothers would

    Melody >> Genta's little sister, he is very protective over her, makes sure daily that she doesn't get bullied or if she is having trouble at school.

    Grandparents >> Amelia and Hibari, they can be bossy over Genta time-to-time, but it just shows how much they care for him.

    Father >> Dislikes him due to his current bad behavior

    AVAN >> Avan and Genta both were college students when they first met, they both shared the same dorm room and got to know each other then. Genta considers him to be one of the closest people he has met that is not in the family.

    SEIICHI >> Another very close friend of his, he treats him like he would be his own little brother. Even though for Seii's young age in Genta's opinion he is quite mature, plus always likes to mess his hair up even though Seiichi hates it.

    YAOZU >> An interesting guy who likes to randomly visit Genta, basically invites himself to his home, never uses the door.. Genta finds him annoying sometimes but doesn't mind the company.

. . .

Likes // Dislikes:

+Technology & Information+
+Melody and Grandparents+
+Home cooked food+

-His Father-
-Bugs in Programs-
-Too much work-
-Losing contact with close people-
-Ungrateful people-
-That he is super ticklish-
-Being blunt-
-Merry environments-

Additional Information:

    >>Likes to keep Quinn on his shoulder rather than carrying him

    >>Sometimes enjoys embarrassing Quinn a little, but nothing too major.

    >>Calls himself a professional programmer

    >>Is very VERY ticklish

    >>When he was in college he attended a martial arts club for only a year[Mae Mai]

    >>Tech Smart: Due to the fact he is a programmer, he is quite smart when it comes to anything that is technology related, other things don't interest him too much.

    >>Has a tongue piercing

    >>Tumblr [tba]




RP sample:

What time was it? Hm? Oh it was already 10:00, good thing it was a Saturday, or else the boss would get angry for not showing up for work. Sluggishly getting out of the bed Genta stretched his arms up in the air and scratched his sides before getting up. Looking over his shoulder he saw his allmate Quinn in sleeping mode, time to wake him up. Kneeling down by the side of the bed he gently touched Quinn’s head as he spoke with a soft tone of voice. “Morning Quinn.” The lemur allmate’s pinkish eyes opened up as he looked over at Genta speaking in a robotic yet sort of human like tone. “Morning Genta.” As Quinn was wide awake and fully booted up, Genta got dressed and opened the door, the room filled with the nice smell of food coming from the kitchen. “Haa.. let’s go.” With that Quinn climbed up on Genta’s shoulder and sat there patiently, waiting for today’s adventure to commence.

Application (c) RevaLu-chan
Gasara font(c) Gasara
Character design(c)waterbits

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